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Accessibility - This experience includes walking to, and going into a field that may be rough, bumpy or muddy. We cannot authorise wheelchairs, pushchairs or walking aids on the experience for these reasons.

All of our walks require a degree of physical fitness. You will have to be able to walk unaided for between 30 and 60 minutes. If you are unable to do this, we would advise that the walks would be unsuitable.

Children must be over 12 years old to walk an alpaca on their own, although children aged 8 to 12 may experience the walk providing each child is accompanied by an adult.

Clothing and footwear should be appropriate for the conditions; avoiding anything too bright or that might flap.


We are not an “open farm” and can only offer alpaca experiences by prior arrangement.


Experience Numbers - All experiences require a minimum number of attendees. Alpacas are herd animals so a minimum of 3 must be booked for each walk. It is possible to accommodate single or a pair of walkers but only in conjunction with another group. If this minimum number is not met, we reserve the right to reschedule your booking to the next available slot.

Alpacas are like us and won’t be happy to walk in bad weather. If we (or you) defer due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, we are happy to re-book at a mutually agreeable time thereafter.



Accidents - Accidents do happen, albeit very rarely. We give an extensive health and safety briefing prior to any experiences, and you should follow the instructions given. We cannot accept responsibility for any accidents or injuries that occur on our farm.

Amending Bookings - If you would like to change or amend your booking, please telephone or email Please note that we usually require 48 hours notice (two working days) with regards to the changing of bookings. 


Booking - Bookings can only be made by telephone. We recommend that you book in advance as our experiences tend to get booked up, especially during weekends and school holidays.


Cancellation: Our minimum cancellation period is 48 hours (two working days) notice from the selected experience date. To ensure we have the message, please phone or email us at


Lateness - Our guides will begin all experiences on time. Please plan your journey to arrive at least 15 minutes early, and plan for traffic. For all walk experiences the cut off point is 10 minutes after the experience is due to start. If you arrive after this point, you will be unable to do the experience as you will have missed the health and safety talk.


“No Shows” - Failure to cancel bookings which result in a “no show” will mean the booking is lost and no refund will be given.


Photography - During the experience, your Walk Leader will be happy to take photographs for you on your own devices, we may use these photographs for advertising purposes on social media at a later date. By booking with us we will trust this is accepted by you and all party members unless a member of staff is notified on the day prior to the walk or you contact us in advance.


Gift Voucher Redemption - Booking is required following receipt of your voucher to arrange your walk.

Experience Numbers - All experiences require a minimum number of attendees. If this minimum number is not met we reserve the right to reschedule your booking to the next available slot.

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