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We have been successfully breeding alpacas for many years, building up strong genetics from world renowned lines and which are a must for any breeding programme.  We can offer a range of stud males from some very high quality studs, including Supreme Champions, to more specific males, both huacaya and suri, which are generally acclaimed by UK show judges to be displaying some of the best quality fleeces and confirmation.

When we refer to "specific" males these are studs that are

proven to improve certain genetic traits time and time again;

even the best male in the world will not improve everything

that you may require but certain males do add specific traits

be that fineness, density, uniformity, etc.

We offer both mobile mating and drive-by, according to your



We are able to show you progeny from all our stud males,

offering you peace of mind that your fees and females are

in good hands.


We can also advise you on how to optimise your own

breeding programme, using our exceptional studs, to help

you achieve the best results in improving your own herd.

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