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Keeping Alpacas

With some of your choices made what do you need to keep alpacas? Here's a basic list.

  • Land - rented or owned but you need 1 acre to keep 4-6 alpacas.

The amount that you can keep depends on the quality

of the grass​. In the growing season, 4 will probably not

keep the grass down but you are stocking for the winter.

  • Shelter - it is recommended that alpacas are given access to a  

shelter at all times. They dislike driving rain especially.​

  • Water - seems obvious but alpacas are particular when it comes

to water. We believe that it comes from generations of 

drinking snow melt. The rule is " if you wouldn't drink it 

then neither will they". 

  • Feed - this depends very much on what you want the alpacas for.

But, they need ad lib access to good quality hay and

some​ additional hard feed. Any breeder will advise you

as to what they use and the quantities.

  • More - alpacas are herd animals and the minimum number should

be 3.

This lowers stress and allows each adequate grazing time.​

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