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Keeping Alpacas

So, you've decided to look into owning some alpacas? Here we are going to pose a few questions for you to consider and then tell you the bare basics of what's required.

Firstly, why? There are a myriad of reasons to own alpacas - are you looking for breeding girls to start your own herd or are you looking for fibre producers, grass mowers, guards, walking or therapy alpacas? Each alpaca has it's own character and not all alpacas will do the job that you might have wanted it to; it's important to get what you want for your investment as well as making the right connection with a breeder who will support you in whatever venture you have embarked upon. It may take a while to find the right ones but it is ultimately worth the wait and time spent in visiting various breeders - something we recommend.


What catches your eye? Do you prefer huacaya or suri? How about a mix? Do you want specific colours, to specialise or for the simple pleasure of the variation?  

With alpacas, it is best to consider what you end goal is and then work backwards!

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