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Education and Learning

 We are passionate about alpacas and have spent many hours gathering knowledge from a variety of   sources which we love to share with others through courses and workshops. Jay is a BAS Tutor judge, was instrumental in writing the BAS affliate course and then in training the affliates to deliver the course. He has studied under some of the leading experts around the world and was one of the first specialist alpaca trainers in the UK. Jay has delivered courses and workshops to alpaca owners in the USA, Sweden, Spain, France and Poland.

 Alpaca workshops are on the practical side, offering you a real hands-on experience so that you come away with the knowledge that you need. The alpaca courses are a mix of chat, questions and practical but with full notes provided as reminders. You can take notes, photos or videos and ask as many questions as you wish.

We enjoy passing on our knowledge in all aspects of alpaca care and breeding to owners both potential and experienced; and we never stop learning.

Alpaca Care Day
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